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The RAY music

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1The RAY music   Empty The RAY music on Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:13 pm

mimi cici

mimi cici
Rai Music Basics:

Rai music is a popular genre of world music from the Northern African country of Algeria. Rai is pronounced "rye" or "rah-AY" and translates as "opinion". Rai music began in the early 1900s as a combination of popular music and traditional Bedouin desert music.
Rai in the 1980s:

Rai transformed throughout the 1900s but really came into its own in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when artists such as Ahmad Baba Rachid blended traditional Rai with modern pop sounds.
What Does Rai Sound Like?:

To the unsuspecting listener, much Rai music would sound pretty much like pop music, sung in Arabic, with a clear but not overwhelming World Beat influence. However, the tonal and instrumental influences of traditional Bedouin music, not to mention cultural and religious influences, are really a keystone of the genre.
Cheb, Chaba, Shikh, Shikha:

Rai musicians generally refer to themselves as either cheb (feminine chaba) if they are young and playing more modern styles of Rai, and shikh/cheikh (feminine shikha/cheikha) if they are older and playing more traditional styles. These titles are cultural definitions, and they have both positive and negative connotations within the Algerian Islamic culture as a whole.
Rai Lyrics:

Rai lyrics are often somewhat bawdy and blunt, describing both the pain and joy of daily life. They are usually in Arabic and French. Translations of Rai songs often read much like lyrics that many would associate with American blues. These lyrics often cause problems between Rai singers and fundamentalist Muslims in Algeria, and many musicians live in exile in France or Egypt.
You May Know Rai From....:

Many people are unknowingly familiar with the sounds of Rai, as Sting (formerly of classic rock band The Police) utilized the vocal stylings of Rai star Cheb Mami on his album Brand New Day, and Mami's work was particularly notable on the song "Desert Rose".
Rai Starter CDs:

Cheb Mami - Lazreg Saani (Compare Prices)
Cheb Khaled - Sahra (Compare Prices)
Cheikha Rimitti & Cheb Khaled - King & Queen of Rai (Compare Prices)
Various Artists - Absolute Rai (Compare Prices). I love you

2The RAY music   Empty Re: The RAY music on Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:43 am


Thank you mimi cici, really nice idea and topic Wink

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